Bull Dog training Boarding sitting and walking

It’a easy to train your bulldog use positive methods and make sure not to walk your bulldog to far in the summer months

Now if any of you are wondering bulldogs can be trained just like animal just find what they are motivated by which is normally always food and your away !  Before i get started remember in the summer months many Bulldogs hate the heat and find it especially hard to breath. If you need to find a trusted house sitter petsbizz.com is the place to look. Normally when they are laying down looking like they have passed out you have over done it in which case water and a nice cool room maybe more motivating ! if you employ a dog walker make sure they are aware that your bulldog is a regal gentlemen or lass not a German Shepherd !

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Dog train and board establishments are normally rubbish !
But these training classes in Basingstoke are super they also do boarding and dog training vip dogtraining 

So should you take your Bulldog to one of the many train and board establishments NO they tend to use horrible techniques ! to get quick results not to mention the fact your canine companion will feel aggrieved ! By all means consider your local dog obedience class and better still start them when they are still puppies ! makesure your training school does not use force or the old style of caveman training where they force a dog into position and then say sit !! its not needed you can simply hold a treat in your hand wait for the sit and give your bulldog a treat when his bum hits the floor. Its called the zen way actually clicker training is the same but its acts as a noise signal to mark the exact moment your dog did the right thing so its highly recommended.

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Home dog boarding is much better then kennels !

What about kennels again horrid have a look around for local home dog boarding establishments. These are normally carer’s that look after you dog in their own home opposed to noisy and strange surroundings of a kennel. whats more most home dog boarding establishments will also take your dog for daily walks which is great.

Pet sitting is an option but your dog will not get same attention

Pet sitting is another option if your okay about a person living in your house or having access while your on holiday most pet sitters and dog sitters don’t actually stay in your house over night what they tend to do is check on you dog am and pm so generally the better option when your on holiday is to find a good home boarding establishment.

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